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The history - Gargiulo & Maiello S.p.A

The history


The Gargiulo & Maiello was born in 1967 as general partnership that operates throughout Campania as a specialized wholesaler of products for the hygiene of the house and the beauty of the person. A few years later, in 1979, the company increased its activity through the optimization of the entire purchasing process and through the acquisition of the know-how of consolidated companies in the sector.

At the beginning of the 80s it took on the legal status of limited liability company, a sign of constant growth made also possible thanks to the continuous modernization of IT systems and management procedures. Since 1995, G&M has consolidated its leadership in the area, thanks to the consensus of the many entrepreneurs who identify themselves with the Group's policy.


The company consolidates its know-how and abandons home hygiene sector to optimize performance in the area of hygiene and beauty with the aim of increasing the protection on local territory. It is in these years that the two most important brands are born, which represent the main sales channels of the company: Beauty Si and Idea Bellezza.


A few years later, in 1997, the product assortment was redefined and expanded , an intense promotional activity was launched in all distribution channels, in order to massively expand the offer and rapidly gain substantial market shares throughout the southern part of the country.

Between 1999 and 2002 the growth of G&M became exponential, the company took on the legal status of a joint-stock company, placed its logistics base in Nola, which allowed it to expand the spaces dedicated to offices, to create a sector of cargo storage of over 4,500 square meters, to offer work to over 90 people and to create a dedicated area to support the growth of the network of affiliated and owned stores and to adequately face the competitive challenges of the new millennium.


In the wake of this impressive growth and mostly to support it and deal with it adequately, in 2005 the new headquarters in Nola “Interporto”were officially under construction. This main office covers an area of 10,000 square meters of logistics area and 2,000 square meters of offices. In particular,

Amodern radiofrequency goods storage and picking system was activated. The make-up, perfume and cosmetics sectors provide the automated preparation of orders.


In December 2017, G&M reaches an important milestone, which only a few companies can afford to include: 50 years of activity. It is not just a mere passage of time, but the certification of half a century of activity characterized by values that have remained unchanged over time and that still today make it one of the reference companies in the Italian sector.

An aspect that further reinforces this goal is characterized by the generational shift that took place in the company during the last decades and that has led a consolidation and further emphasizing the company's founding values.

Piazza Mercato

The work on the new headquarters in Nola Interporto dates back to 2005 and covers an area of 10,000 square meters of logistics area and 2,000 square meters of offices.

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