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FAQ - Gargiulo & Maiello S.p.A





• How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs vary depending on the weight/volume of the products included in the cart and are calculated at 2% of the cart for orders up to 750,00 € and 1% for orders from 750,01 €. Gargiulo&Maiello Spa reserves the right to cancel/reduce these transport costs in certain circumstances, periods, type of product or achievement of expenditure thresholds as well as to require supplements to transport costs in the presence of particularly large shipments.

• Is it possible to indicate a forwarding address other than the billing address?

Yes, it is. At the time of purchase, if you register as a Registered User/Company, you can indicate a different shipping address from the billing address.

• With which courier sent?

The shipments are entrusted to BRT Bartolini Corriere Espresso or other equivalent private carrier.

• Is it possible to collect the goods at the warehouse of the Courier?

Normally it is not possible to collect the goods in person, For specific circumstances or needs it is possible to contact the Customer Service Gargiulo& on 0039 81.3158411 and evaluate the possibility of a withdrawal at BRT Bartolini logistics.

• Is it possible to collect the goods from your warehouses?

No. It is not possible to collect the goods from Our office All goods purchased online must be delivered by courier.

• Is it possible to arrange an appointment with the Courier for delivery?

Yes. At the end of the purchase process you can choose, if available, the option "delivery by appointment".

• Is it possible to secure the shipment?

Yes. At the end of the purchase process you can choose, if available, the option "secure shipping".

• Can I verify the status of my shipment?

The day following the collection of the goods at our logistics by the Courier, the shipment is assigned a tracking number (tracking number). The Customer receives an e-mail communication containing the tracking number assigned to his shipment and information about the date/time of delivery.

• made deliveries abroad?

Yes. Gargiulo&Maiello also delivers abroad. Contact us by email at the commercial indicating quantity, products to be purchased and destination address of the products. We will develop the best commercial offer for the service to be provided!

• What needs to be verified when the courier delivers the goods?

Upon receipt of the package, it is necessary to check that the package of the courier is intact and not cut and/or tampered. In case of suspected tampering or lack of integrity of the parcel it is necessary to accept the goods with reserve, putting the words "reserve of control goods" on the stamp issued by the courier. Otherwise the Customer will not be able to claim later for any tampering or damage.

For further information, please refer to the "Terms of Sale"



• What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made by bank transfer or cash on delivery. See payment methods for more details.

• Where can I find the bank details for the transfer?

The bank details for the transfer are contained in the order confirmation email that is sent automatically in case of choice of payment by bank transfer and indicated within the Terms of Sale.

• Can I send a fax or an e-mail with the payment slip and unlock the order immediately?

No. In case of payment by bank transfer the goods are sent only at the time of the actual payment of the amount to the bank account of Gargiulo&Maiello Spa. The credit must take place within 6 working days from the purchase act, past the order is deemed automatically cancelled.

In order to allow the best and rapid management of the order, the identification of the WEB order number must be included in the reason of the bank transfer.

• Is it possible to pay in cash?

Yes, you can pay cash on delivery by choosing as payment method "cash on delivery". We recommend to prepare cash equal to the value of the purchased products, as the Courier does not give the possibility to receive change. For more information, please consult the terms of payment in the Terms of Sale.

• Can payments be made in instalments or can financing arrangements be chosen?

No. Payments must be paid, depending on the payment method chosen, in a single payment and must correspond to the full amount of the order


• Can I pay with postepay?

Yes. The postepay card is a fully fledged Visa card. You can use it to make payment as a normal Credit Card. For more details, please refer to the terms of payment in the Terms of Sale.


• Can I consult the status of my order?

Yes. You can check at any time the status of the purchases made by accessing the section "Your Account". Log into your personal account on and visit "Orders Status" – "Your Orders". By clicking on "Details" you can follow the various steps of your order.


• Can I modify the registration data?

Yes. By accessing the user area "Your Account" you can change the data entered at any time.


• What warranty is there on the products?

All products sold by Gargiulo&Maiello are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (in the form and manner provided by the manufacturer) and by the 24-month warranty for defects of conformity under DL 24/2002. For more details see the "Terms of Sale".

• What is the procedure to use the guarantee?

To take advantage of the guarantee it is necessary to keep the tax document (accompanying invoice) certifying the beginning of the same. In case of anomalies or defects covered by the manufacturer’s conventional warranty you will need to contact the manufacturer’s Support. For more information on this, please refer to the "Terms of Sale".

• When and how can I exercise my right of withdrawal?

Gargiulo&Maiello Spa recognizes the right of withdrawal pursuant to art. 5 DL 185/99. In the event that the Customer wishes to avail himself of the right of withdrawal is obliged to notify Gargiulo&Maiello Spa, Interporto campano di Nola Lotto A1/A6 80035 Nola (NA) by registered letter A/R, anticipated by fax or e-mail. For more information see the "Terms of Sale"

• When and how is the refund made?

Any refunds are made by Gargiulo&Maiello Spa through Bank Transfer, whether the customer has paid with Bank Transfer or cash on delivery. The refund will be made (for goods not yet shipped) within 24h. after the cancellation of the order or at the time of the return of the goods to the warehouse for the refunds concerning the orders already shipped. For more information see the "Terms of Sale"


• Is it possible to receive the invoice?

In compliance with the applicable tax regulations, Gargiulo&Maiello Spa issues for every online purchase made, the relevant tax document or the accompanying invoice. The tax document is attached to the package containing the goods. Tax documents must be kept for a period of 24 months in order to qualify for the guarantee.

For further information, please refer to the "Terms of Sale"

• Is it possible to receive the invoice by e-mail?

Yes. You can receive a certified copy of the invoice in pdf format by e-mail, sending the request to the It is necessary to specify the order number to receive a copy of the invoice is required. For more information see the "Terms of Sale".

• Is it possible to provide billing data other than shipping data?

Yes, at the time of purchase, by filling in the appropriate fields, it is possible to request that the invoice be addressed to a different subject from the one to which the goods are delivered.


• Need support for your online order?

Contact us by phone at or write us at