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The bank transfer does not include any additional charges. By choosing this method, the user undertakes to transfer the amount due within n°3 working days following the forwarding of the order. After n°6 working days from the forwarding of the order without finding the relative credit in bank, gargiulo & maiello Spa will provide the relocation of the goods secluded and the order will be considered cancelled.

The contact details of the Iban to make the transfer will be delivered in the confirmation email of the order and available online under the Payment Mode. The shipment of products purchased by bank transfer will take place as soon as the amount is credited to our account (normally a couple of days); at that time the‘user will be informed of the credited by email on which the change of status of the order will be notified from“Pending” to “In working”. The bank details on which to make the transfer are:

IBAN: IT86L0100540020000000004077

c/o BNL ag.4552 Nola, Naples

For the correct management of the order it is obligatory that the Customer indicate the relative WEB order number inside the causal (Example: WEB order n176; 1258)


Payment on delivery

Payment on delivery (in cash) allows you to pay the product/s directly to the courier at the time of delivery. This method of payment includes a fee in favour of the courier, with a charge indicated at the conclusion of the order.

To make delivery faster and more efficient we recommend preparing the exact amount to be delivered to the courier, as it is often without cash and therefore unable to give change. For cash on delivery, there is a surcharge in the fixed amount of € 5.00 for orders up to 1,000 € and to the extent of 0.6% calculated on orders over 1,000 €. For orders over 1,500 €, the single payment method used by the Customer, remains the bank transfer.