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Our group - Gargiulo & Maiello S.p.A

Our Group


Idea BellezzaIn 1994, Gargiulo & Maiello launched the perfume chain IDEA BELLEZZA (, a great success that leads the brand to become, in 2017, one of the first Italian chains. Idea Bellezza is a rapidly expanding brand with 85 outlets and more than three hundred employees.

Professionalism, competence, customer service, assortment and a harmonious environment realized through a precise lay-out of furniture, lights, visual merchandising and sounds. The development plan aims at the opening, in the next five years, of a total of 100 points of sale for an ever more widespread coverage of the whole national territory. This process of development, inserted in a market context that involves numerous mergers and acquisitions, has led IDEA BELLEZZA to be the FIRST ITALIAN CHAIN of perfumery.

Spaces ranging from 100 to 250 square meters with over 20,000 items and quickly replenishment. In the stores are present all the news of the sector with continuous promotions, gifts and product tests that involve a strong loyalty of customers.

In support of the business strategy, a comprehensive staff training program at all levels, both autonomous and shared with companies. The Idea Beleezza brand has been incorporating for over 20 years the certainty of convenience, courtesy and availability of the range.



In the early 2000s Gargiulo & Maiello launched a new commercial affiliate group called BeautySi, with the aim of supporting the best independent shops of perfumery and personal hygiene, reaching over the years the presence of more than 40 affiliated stores proposing a format of neighborhood store.

It offers the following products for sale: perfumes, make-up, creams, personal hygiene, beauty accessories.

Today BeautySi is an Italian sign of shops specializing in sale of products for the beauty and hygiene of the person and offers its customers quality, service, assortment and many promotional offers that allow the points of sale to be chosen by more than 2 million customers.


Gcube is a brand of professional products for the care and well-being of skin and hair, which has distinguished itself in the haircare sector for sales strategies, positioning and product and service quality.

Gcube combines know-how and industry expertise with the ideas of a group of young professionals to give life to a healthy reality made in Italy.

The distinctive and unique sign of the Gcube points is the possibility to undergo free analysis of the skin and hair, and a digital test, so as to allow consultants to suggest products tailored to the needs of each individual customer, and to have them tested on place, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasant confidence.

The offer includes 10 lines of specific hair treatments, at reasonable prices compared to industry standards, while maintaining an excellent level of product quality and performance.

All Gcube products are in fact dermatologically tested with patch tests in the University of Ferrara. The treatment approaches a complete range of electrical accessories, brushes and combs, it contains all the experience of modern technologies and best natural materials.